Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hedgehog visitors

Look who we have visiting us in the evenings!

Up to six adorable little hedgehog babies.  We haven't seen Mum but they look healthy and well-fed and they don't have any ticks, so we're not interfering except to bribe them to visit with catfood (they're very noisy eaters).  They seem to be quite relaxed around human company and I've promised Lizzie that we can buy a hedgehog house today to encourage them to stay in the garden.

Edited to add - I thought I should say that it's not a great idea to pick baby hedgehogs up because if Mum's still around, she'll probably abandon them - the girls moved these two into our garden for safety which is why they're holding them here.  Baby hedgehogs out in the daytime have probably lost their mother, especially if they're squeaking and have shiny grey swellings (ticks); they need to go asap to a hedgehog rescue place before they die of hypothermia and dehydration.  Our babies are doing fine, touch wood; they have a little hedgehog home in the corner of the garden and are chomping their way through quite a surprising amount of catfood...  still no sign of Mum so I'm guessing that she's been run over or that they were big enough to leave the nest on their own.


  1. How lovely to have such visitors

  2. We're so lucky aren't we? DD is so happy. She can't have pets any longer because the whole family developed an allergy to fur, so these little guys are ideal (as long as they choose to stay around of course).